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75th Anniversary MU-Plovdiv  

The Medical University of Plovdiv has organized a scientific symposium entitled “Molecular and Personalized Medicine”. The session will be conducted on-line on 30.10.2020. Duration of each lecture will be up to 30 min. The symposium is planned in the occasion of the festivities for the 75th Anniversary of MU-Plovdiv.

Prof. Blagoi Marinov, Vice Rector of Research of Medical University of Plovdiv and Prof. Victoria Sarafian, former Vice Rector and currently Full Professor and Head of the Department of Medical Biology, have invited Emanuela Signori as official guest lecturer. Title of the talk: "MU-Plovdiv and University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome + CNR-Institute of Translational Pharmacology: a story of friendship and fruitful scientific collaboration". Since 2006, time of the first visit of MU-Plovdiv delegates in Rome, a long story of collaboration has started, with mutual scientific and cultural impact. Lecturing, mentoring PhD students and working on joint projects was a challenge that both sides faced with enthusiasm and professionalism. In this lecture, the important stages of this relationship will be re-traced, highlighting the scientific progress and advancements in studies on the mechanisms of onset and development of colorectal cancer (CRC) – a topic within the scope of research of all partners.