Indexed IF Journals (Corresponding/last authorships: Signori E)

  • Signori E, Cavallo F. The Fourteenth International Conference on Progress in Vaccination Against Cancer (PIVAC-14), September 24-26, 2014, Rome, Italy: rethinking anti-tumor vaccines in a new era of cancer immunotherapy.Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2015, 64(10):1349-1356
  • Notarangelo MG, Natalini R., and Signori E. Gene Therapy: The Role of Cytoskeleton in Gene Transfer Studies Based On Biology and Mathematics.Curr Gene Ther., 2014, 14(2):121-127
  • Chiarella P, De Santis S, Fazio VM, Signori E. Hyaluronidase contributes to the early inflammatory events induced by electrotransfer on the mouse skeletal muscle. Hum Gene Ther., 2013, 24:406-416 (Front Cover in April 2013 Issue)
  • Chiarella P, Fazio VM, Signori E. Electroporation in DNA vaccination protocols against cancer, Curr Drug Metabolism, 2013 Mar 1;14(3):291-299      
  • Chiarella P, Fazio VM, Signori E. Application Of Electroporation In Dna Vaccination Protocols. Current Gene Therapy, 2010, 10(4):281-287
  • Signori E, Iurescia S, Massi E, Fioretti D, Chiarella P, De Robertis M, Rinaldi M, Tonon G, Fazio VM. DNA vaccination strategies for anti-tumour effective gene therapy protocols. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2010, 59(10):1583-1591
  • Chiarella P, Massi E, De Robertis M, Fazio VM, Signori E. Recent advances in epitope design for immunotherapy of cancer. Recent Patents Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery, 2009, Nov;4(3):227-240
  • Chiarella P, Massi E, De Robertis M, Sibilio A, Parrella P, Fazio VM, Signori E. Electroporation of skeletal muscle induces danger signal release and antigen-presenting cell recruitment independently of DNA vaccine administration.  Op. Biol. Ther.2008, 8 (11): 1645-57
  • Chiarella P, Massi E, De Robertis M, Fazio VM, Signori E. Strategies for effective naked-DNA vaccination against infectious diseases. Recent Patents Anti-Infective Drug Discovery.2008, 3(2): 93-101
  • Chiarella P, Massi E, De Robertis M, Signori E, Fazio VM. Adjuvants in vaccines and for immunisation: current trends.  Exp. Op. Biol. Ther. 2007, 7(10): 1551-1562
  • Signori E, Rinaldi M, Fioretti D, Iurescia S, Seripa D, Perrone G, Norata GD, Catapano AL, Fazio VM. Intramuscular gene transfer inhibits severe hypercholesterolemia in newborn Apolipoprotein E-deficient mice.  Biophys. Res. Commun. 2007, 361(2):543-548   
  • Signori E, Massi E, Matera MG, Poscente M, Gravina C, Falcone G, Rosa MA, Rinaldi M, Wuyts W, Seripa D, Dallapiccola B, Fazio VM. A combined analytical approach reveals novel ext1/2 gene mutations in a large cohort of italian multiple osteochondromas patients. Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer 2007, 46(5):470-477

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