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March 24-30, 2019. Erice, Sicily-Italy

9th COURSE: “Possible Biomedical Applications of Electromagnetic Fields to cancer: from Biology and in silico to clinical perspectives”

The relation of EMF with cancer is two-sided: on one hand the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified them as “possible carcinogens,” though we lack a strong experimental support for that, and, on the other hand, they can be used as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool for certain types of cancers. As often occurs, the situation is far more complex and multidimensional, since the effects of EMFs on biological systems depend on the physical parameters of the field and the type and physiological conditions of the biological system. Presently, there are well established techniques, like hyperthermia, electrochemotherapy, thermal ablation, etc., that have already entered into the clinical use, whereas much remains to be understood regarding the therapeutic use of EMFs themselves for treating cancer. A primary target of the Course will be to shed light on this hot and controversial issue, starting from what is best established in terms of biology and clinical applications, to the analysis of different theoretical perspectives and future research needs.

Prof Gregor Sersa and Prof Maria Rosaria Scarfì have invited Emanuela Signori to give a lecture in the field of DNA immunization by electroporation

Dead-line for applications extended to February 15. COST action MyWAVE provides grants for trainees.

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