Masters' theses are research activity-based. They are designed to equip the student either to move into employment or to advance to a doctoral study program. Compulsory attendance of 6-9 months in the laboratory is therefore mandatory.

The thesis is mentored by both a laboratory tutor at LAPMOS and an Academic tutor.

A good student, at the end of his/her thesis, is expected to achieve results to present at international conferences and to publish in indexed scientific journals. The proposed theses can be related to national or international research projects carried out at LAPMOS, and may require to interact and collaborate with external researchers working in Academic Institutions or Companies.

The main requirements for starting a thesis are both the personal motivation and a strong academic curriculum, especially for the exams related to the molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, general pathology, oncology, immunology.

The research topics related to our proposals of thesis are:

  • Biomarkers quantification in biological fluids by electrochemical devices
  • Development of therapeutic molecules and innovative strategies for drug delivery protocols by electric fields